Bask Bank Review 2023: One of the Highest Savings Account Interest Rates

Bask Bank began offering their interest savings account in February 2022 and since then has been offering one of the highest interest rates on the market.

The Bask Interest Savings Account is currently paying 4.25% APY, one of the highest interest rates for savings accounts in February 2023.

Bask Bank is an online consumer banking division of Texas Capital Bank, a publicly listed company (TCBI on the Nasdaq).

Being that the account is so new, it's unclear if they will overtime keep the high rate on their savings account.

To test out the bank, I opened up an account in early February 2023. So far so good, but one of the things I'd like to see them add are sub accounts to allow me to save for individual goals. I have several things I'm currently saving for and I don't like to have all my savings in one account.

Being that Bask Bank is so new, I'm hoping they will soon launch other industry leading products such as a checking account, CDs, etc.

Some of my favorite bank accounts in 2023 all offer savings sub-goals called buckets, vaults, pods, etc. A few of those banks are listed below.

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