Best Balance Transfer Credit Cards 2023

A few things to keep in mind when choosing a balance transfer credit card:

  • The "standard" balance transfer fee is 3%, occassionally you can find something for less, but definitely don't pay a higher fee. Several of the cards listed below have long 0% offers, but you'll be charged 5% instead of just 3% as a balance transfer fee.
  • Pay attention to when the 0% offer starts (when you are accepted for the card or when you 1st transfer a balance)
  • Pay attention to how long you have to transfer a balance for the 0% promotion, for some cards you only have 30-60 days to transfer your balance for the 0% offer.
  • Ideally, you'll choose a card that you will continue to use after the 0% balance transfer offer expires. Generally, the credit cards with longer balance transfer periods have 0 other benefits such as high cash back or points categories. If you can pay off your debt in a shorter time period, you might want to check out one of the Amex cards, the Citi Double Cash or some of the others offering 0% for 15 months, they offer other benefits that you'll be able to enjoy after the 05 period.

0% Interest for 12 Months

0% Interest for 15 Months

0% Interest for 18 Months

0% Interest for 21 Months