Best High-Yield Savings Accounts February 2023

I keep track of the top high-yield savings accounts and update the rates here at least once per month.

Here's my latest YouTube video on the best high-yield savings accounts.

Here's the current list of top high yield savings accounts:

Bask Bank: 4.25%
UFB Direct: 4.21%
Vio Bank Cornerstone Money Market Savings: 4.20%  
TAB Bank: 4.06%
CIT Bank Savings: 4.05%
Wealthfront: 4.05%
Betterment: 4.00%
Bread: 4.00%
Lending Club High Yield: 4.00%
Citi High-Yield Savings: 3.85%
SoFi Savings Account: 3.75% with direct deposit, 1.20% without direct deposit (Best Bank in 2023)
Syncrony Bank High Yield Savings: 3.75%
Quantic High Yield Savings: 3.70%
Barclays Online Savings: 3.60%
Sallie Mae Money Market: 3.60%
Morgan Stanley Private Bank Premium Savings Account: 3.50%
Sallie Mae High-Yield Savings: 3.50%
LiveOakBank: 3.50%
Marcus: 3.50%
SmartyPig by Sallie Mae: 3.40% (Read SmartyPig Review)
Ally Bank Online Savings: 3.40%
Capital One 360 Performance Savings: 3.40%
Amex High Yield Savings: 3.40%
Discover Online Savings: 3.30%
Varo Bank: 3.00% on entire balance. You can earn 5.00% on your balance up to $5,000 if $1,000 direct deposits during previous month and positive balance on both Varo bank account and savings account.

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