How to Get Free Stocks: 9 Investment Apps Giving Away Free Stock(s)

More than ever there’s a lot of great options when it comes to investing apps and brokerages and they all want your business.

Investment apps and brokerages know that someday you are going to be rich and famous. They know you’re to be a profitable customer for them so they are willing to compensate you for getting started investing with them, with the hopes that over the years you invest thousands of dollars on their platform.

Depending on the investment app, you could earn from a couple dollars up to thousands of dollars just for signing up or in some cases depositing a nominal amount. I only included offers here that have initial investments / deposits of $50 or less.

Here’s my list of investment apps that are giving away free stock for signing up and/or making a small initial deposit:

1. Webull

Get up to 12 free fractional shares.

Sign up for a brokerage account to get 2 free stocks, deposit any amount to earn an additional 4 to 10 fractional shares.

2. moomoo

Get up to 15 free stocks valued at from $3 and $2,000. Create your account for 1 free stock, deposit $100 or more to get an additional 4 free stocks (5 total), deposit $1,000 or more to get an additional 14 free stocks (15 total).

3. SoFi Invest

Sign up for a SoFi Active Invest Account and deposit $10 or more to get $25 in free stock.

4. Robinhood

Sign up and connect your bank account to receive $5-$200 worth of fractional shares

5. Charles Schwab

Sign up for a taxable brokerage account from the Schwab Starter Kit page, deposit $50 or more into your account to earn $101 of fractional shares or as Charles Schwab calle them Stock Slices.

6. Fidelity

Earn $100 by signing up for an investment account, use promo code FIDELITY100 and deposit $50 or more into your account.

7. Public

Deposit $20 or more and receive a stock reward from $1 to $300.

8. Acorns

Invest $5 and get an additional $5 to invest from Acorns

9. Stash

Deposit $5 and get an additional $5 to invest from Stash.