Chime Bank Review 2023: Not as Good as It Used to Be

Chime Bank is one of the most popular online banks in 2023, but over the last year, Chime hasn't kept up with other online banks

In most cases, I'd recommend going with another bank, here are the best banks like chime.

You can see my full 2023 Chime Review video here:


  • Free cash deposits of up to $500 per day at Walgreens
  • Referral bonus of $100 after direct deposit of $200 within the first 45 days of signing up for Chime. Here's my referral link, if you'd like to earn $100 from Chime.
  • Credit Builder Card


  • No interest on checking account. With SoFi, you can earn 2.50% with direct deposit, 1.20% without direct deposit
  • Low interest in savings account (2.00%), when best high yield savings accounts are paying over 4.00%

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