4 Best Online Banks Like Chime

Over the last year, Chime Bank has not kept up with other online banks.

Chime is currently offering 2.00% APY on its savings account when the best high yield savings accounts are offering around 4.00% APY.

Many banks pay interest on checking account balances when Chime doesn't pay interest on it's checking account.

Here are the best online banks like Chime in 2023:

SoFi Checking & Savings

  • Savings account: Earn 3.75% with direct deposit, 1.2% without direct deposit.
  • Checking account: Earn 2.505 with direct deposit, 1.20% without direct deposit.
  • Earn up to $275 sign up bonus with direct deposit when signing up with a referral link. (my referral link)

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Capital One 360

  • Earn 3.40% on savings accounts
  • Earn 0.10% on checking account
  • Free cash deposit at CVS.
  • Use Zelle to easily send and receive payments for free.

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Ally Bank

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Current Bank

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