Current Bank Review 2023: Worth the Hype?

I've had a bank account with Current for a couple of months now and I hate to say it, but I think there's a few things to improve to make it a contender for the best bank in 2023.

Here's what I like about Current:

  • Really easy to use mobile app.
  • Earn points / cash back rewards from 1% to 15% at local businesses.
  • Earn 4.00% interest on savings pods.
  • Ability to deposit cash at Rite Aid pharmacies.
  • Referral bonus of $50 when you sign up with a friend's link and set up direct deposit. You can sign up with my link if you don't have a friend who can send you theirs.


  • Savings pod restrictions: You can only earn 4.00% have 3 pods with a maximum balance per pod of $2,000. Also, you only earn 4.00% if you have direct deposit set up, without direct deposit, you'll only earn 0.25% interest on your pod balances.
  • No interest on checking account balance.
  • No Zelle connection to easily send and receive payments.
  • Cash deposit fee of $3.50 when depositing cash at Rite Aid.

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